An opposition to teen curfew in the district of columbia unites states

District Court for the District of Columbia - F.

An opposition to teen curfew in the district of columbia unites states

Drop in Crime Rates Calls Curfew Laws into Question – The Pitch

Send Email Cancel On April 26, Montgomery County announced that, for the fifth consecutive year, crime rates have dropped. The county saw a nearly 19 percent reduction in crime over the course of five years.

Violent crimes decreased by One of the main motivators for the curfew is the fact that neighboring Washington, D. But does this position hold up under scrutiny?

Debate on the curfew had been tabled, which effectively ends consideration of the curfew bill as it stands. The most recent statistics are fromwhen the last nationwide census was taken.

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Violent crime in was over 13 percent lower than in the early s. Property crime also decreased by 9 percent. A variety of factors contribute to decreases in crime rates. Expanded access to education, more job opportunities for youth, and more effective policing are all potential factors, as well as other area-specific reasons.

An article by the British newspaper The Guardian, published on Aug. A report published by UC Berkeley, examining curfew effectiveness, states that studies often falsely show curfews as ineffective. Numerous studies compare cities with curfews and usually higher crime rates against cities without curfews and usually lower crime rates.

The study conducted by UC Berkeley professor Patrick Kline uses a different crime modeling method that compares the crime rate over time, by the age of the offender.

After a major spike in juvenile crime, Dallas Police Department imposed a youth curfew. During this time, there were no arrests made for curfew violations. Police opted for lesser punishments, such as issuing citations and simply driving juveniles home.

He would, however, stop anyone he suspected of a crime who was underage. If they turned out to be not guilty, they were still in violation of the curfew. The UC Berkeley report mainly touted the advantages of a curfew imposed as a response to high crime.

As a preventative measure, the effectiveness of curfews is not as clear. Over the past five years, the crime rate in Montgomery County has been dropping, though there has been an increase in violent crimes by 0.

A Constitutional Question The main challenge to curfews has been the morality of a law that targets a specific age group. For many, curfews criminalize the Constitutional right to freedom of assembly.

In the case of Kiyoshi Hirabayashi v.

United States, the court only ruled in favor of a curfew against Japanese Americans due to wartime necessity. There are, however, other court rulings on both sides of the debate.

An opposition to teen curfew in the district of columbia unites states

Opponents of curfew laws cite the decision of Missouri v. Danforth, in which the Supreme Court ruled that minors did not need parental consent to obtain an abortion. Supporters point to another Supreme Court ruling, Cox v.

Louisiana, which placed certain restrictions on freedom of assembly. In a similar way, curfews would serve a compelling public interest to lower juvenile crime. A great deal of opposition to curfew laws takes place at county council meetings rather than courthouses.

The debate, however, has not subsided. There are still other groups seeking to either overturn existing curfew laws or prevent the implementation of new ones. Police departments continue to look at curfews as a measure to reduce crime.

View the annual crime statistics for Montgomery County and for the United States 0.8 Reasons To Oppose A Statewide Curfew Law For Teens MY WORD. December 27, | By Emily Enfinger. I strongly disagree with the movement now afoot to institute a statewide teen-age curfew. I. The District of Columbia’s community policing strategy Know the Facts About DC’s Curfew Law The Juvenile Curfew Act of (DC Code ) states that persons under the age of 17 cannot remain in or on a street, park or other outdoor public place, in a .

However, before the Court could address the merits of the plaintiffs' challenge, the District repealed the statute and replaced it with a new curfew law, the "Temporary Curfew Emergency Act of . Most youth curfews function in opposition to parents' and minors' interests, and therefore require very close exami- nation by legislators, courts, and the community prior to adoption.

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ESSAY 1 The Opposition of Teen Curfew A teen curfew law was recently passed in the District of Columbia. This was a needed law to alleviate crime teenagers fall victim of.

Minors under the age of 17 should be in their home at a very reasonable hour so they will be energetic, fresh and alert. District of Columbia, a D.C. Circuit ruling; and Treacy v. Municipality of Anchorage, a Alaska Supreme Court ruling), not all did. In June , the 2nd Circuit declared a curfew ordinance in Vernon, Conn., unconstitutional because it infringed on the rights of minors under the 14th Amendment’s equal-protection clause.

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