Architecure essay

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Architecure essay

A colonnade is a row of columns supporting an entablature and usually a roof. It can be attached to a building as in a portico or free-standing. In Ancient Greece, stoae long covered colonnades were open for use as public gathering spaces.

They were much longer than they were deep, and were open on three sides, with the back walled in. A good example is the Stoa of Attalos in the Athenian agora marketplacewhich was reconstructed in the s.

Note the double colonnade with exterior Doric and interior Ionic columns in the reconstructed Stoa of Attalos. Source Greek Influence on Roman Architecture The Romans were tremendous builders, engineers, and architects in their own right, but in the course of conquering the western world, they were heavily influenced aesthetically by the Greeks.

The prodigious use of the Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian Orders is the most obvious example.

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One common type of building found in the forum of any Roman city was the basilica, a hall used for transacting business and legal matters. It developed from Architecure essay Greek stoa, but was usually fully enclosed rather than enclosed on one side.

The hall contained colonnades on the inside, which helped to organize and divide the interior space. The ruins of the basilica at Pompeii give us a sense of the Greek influence on Roman architecture. Source Neoclassical Architecture Neoclassical architecture comprises a group of related architectural styles popular from the late 18th century through the midth century.

Though some of the elements of neoclassicism are clearly Roman, such as domes, Greek influence is heavy in certain styles, such as Greek Revival and Federal Style. Neoclassicism was extremely popular in America, but you can find beautiful examples of neoclassical architecture all over Europe, as well.

One famous example is the former Irish Houses of Parliament building, built in the 18th century. Note the Ionic columns, dentil molding, and pediment with high relief sculpture.

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Source Federal Style In the early years of the U. This style prevalent between about and is called Federal style. The influence of Ancient Greek architecture is apparent in the use of columns and colonnades.

Thomas Jefferson was an architect during the Federal period, and he designed not only his own home, Monticello, but the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in this style. This neoclassical colonnade at the University of Virginia is part of the original campus designed in Federal style by Thomas Jefferson himself.

This style generally featured the Doric Order in larger buildings, and simpler Doric columns topped with a small pediment without a frieze in houses. The first major public building built in this style was the Second Bank of the United States, built in Philadelphia between and The architect used the Doric Order as a model, but without sculptural decoration.

This plainer look became fairly common. Source Beaux-Arts Architecture in America Finally we get to the most recent architectural style to be heavily influenced by the ancient Greeks: Beaux-Arts architecture, particularly in the U.

Elsewhere, Beaux-Arts style includes more Baroque and Rococo elements. This style is lush with decorative elements, but you can still see the Greek influence in the use of the classical architectural orders and the use of marble as a building material.

The New York Public Library, built in Beaux-Arts style between andincludes ancient Greek influence in such elements as stylized Corinthian columns, high-relief sculpture in the frieze, and the extensive use of marble. Source Bibliography Biers, William R.

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Architecure essay

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