Beauty pays

Demonstrates how society favors the beautiful and how better-looking people experience startling but undeniable benefits in various aspects of life. This title shows that the attractive are more likely to be employed, work more productively and profitably, negotiate loans with better terms, and have more handsome and highly educated spouses.

Beauty pays

Official Description An egotistical hunter who vies for Belle's hand in marriage and is determined not to let anyone else win her heart, even if it means killing her true love. Development In the screenplayGaston himself wasn't part of the story.

Instead, there existed three suitors for Belle who competed for her hand in marriage who were ultimately similar to him, and shared the role of antagonist with Belle's wicked sisters.

They ultimately were transformed into animals, alongside Belle's sisters, by the Enchantress as punishment for their misdeeds, including nearly murdering the Beast. In the screenplaythe three suitors were condensed into a single character, Gaston. In this version, Gaston was depicted very differently.

Instead of a hunter who was the town hero, he was a marquess, or French nobleman. He would have shared the role of antagonist with Belle's aunt Margueritewho would have chosen him as Belle's suitor, specifically as revenge towards Maurice who in this version was a failed merchant who lost his wealth at sea, just like in the original tale.

In the climax, he was to have traveled to the Beast's Castlealso stealing the Sedan Chair to ensure he tracked down the castle, and upon arrival, fight off several of the Enchanted Objects with a rapier before personally dueling the Beast in battle.

He also met his fate differently see Death section below. As such, his design was also completely different. He was tall and lank with a mole on the left side of his face and a crooked nose. His attire consisted of a sky-blue jacket and a powdered wig tied with a red ribbon.

All of these features gave him a somewhat similar appearance to French noblemen, such as Jean Rousseau or Napoleon. After Jeffrey Katzenberg demanded a rewrite of the film, Gaston's characterization was altered significantly, being made into the town hero as well as the village's local hunter.

According to Linda Woolverton, she had based this version on Gaston on her own unsuccessful relationships, and she had also wanted Belle's decrying of Gaston being her suitor whom Woolverton referred to as a blockhead to be the focal point of the film, necessitating that Belle's wicked sisters and their respective love interests be left out, as well as cutting her snobbish Aunt Marguerite.

Story reels for the original screenplay included in the Platinum and Diamond Editions of the final film indicate that his surname was intended to be LeGume, as he is referred to with said name by Marguerite.

This acted as a pun on his small-minded views. This was presumably dropped by the first draft of Linda Woolverton's treatment of the story, as in both "Belle" and its reprise, the Bimbettes and Belle referred to him and herself as "Monsieur Gaston" and albeit sarcastically "Madame Gaston" respectively, implying that "Gaston" was his surname.

In addition, Linda Woolverton's initial draft of what would become the story of the film had his role largely being similar, although he would have paid slightly more attention to the triplets by giving them a handsome look their way during the opening song, and also proceeded to sarcastically give his "review" of a book Belle was reading, and also supplied her with a trophy as a "gift.

The initial draft also emphasized that Gaston was feared by the village rather than truly loved during the aftermath of the wedding scene, where he went over to the wedding cake in fury and the villagers were horrified. One of the cut lyrics for the Gaston song also had "Who breaks hearts like Gaston", implying that even before the Beast entered the picture, Gaston was a very treacherous individual to his friends and allies.

He also was intended to directly go over to Monsieur D'Arque 's asylum to recruit him, instead of having him arrive at the Tavern illicitly. Death Story threads show that in the original screenplayGaston would have tried to use his sword to stab the Beast, only to lose his balance and fall off the garden wall to his death.

Beauty pays

In the screenplayGaston was not meant to be killed at the end of the film. Instead, the Beast was to finish their battle via knocking him over a wall, leaving him unconscious. In one of the earliest scripts, Gaston's death would have been different, as the battle against Beast would have taken place in the forest.

In this early version of the script Gaston would wound the Beast and nearly kill him with his gun, when Belle strikes him from behind with a rock.

This would have prompted him to fall off a cliff. Upon trying to stand up, he notices that the wolves who attacked Maurice and Belle earlier are looking at him, and kill him. This idea was scrapped because the writers thought that it was too gruesome and horrible.

Although this idea was later used in The Lion Kingmore specifically in the sequence of Scar 's death at the hands or rather, jaws of the hyenas.

Ironically, the above mentioned scene of Scar's death as the final version of the ending was chosen for the exact same reason why Gaston's original death was cut: The original ending was deemed to be too graphic and scary for a Disney film.

In addition, the final version of Gaston's death also had some alterations: However, this was edited out due to the dark nature of the scene. In the initial draft of Linda Woolverton's story, Beast would have immediately fought Gaston after the latter kicked the footstool, with the Wardrobe also aiding Beast to some degree.

In addition, Gaston, after Beast decided to be merciful and spare him, proceeded to run Beast through the back with his sword, with Beast in turn punching him off the balcony to his death.

Personality Gaston is strong and handsome, and exploited these traits to the fullest. While it is not clear if he considers himself as a good person or not like Ratcliffe and Frollo dothe villiagers very much do, considering how popular he is with them especially the Bimbette tripletsand seem unaware of his true nature Gaston reprise in the original film notwithstandingand this serves to fuel his already massive ego.

A narcissist who sees himself as superior to everyone around him, Gaston is proud, boorish, uncultured, impolite, narcissistic and sexist.Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful [Daniel S. Hamermesh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Gaston is the main antagonist of Disney's animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. He was an arrogant and chauvinistic hunter who was determined to have Belle's hand in marriage, even by force if necessary.

This obsession turned him into a ruthless and traitorous villain, especially.

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