Drug testing business plan

Department of Transportation oversees about 60, people in the United States, and these employees encompass our entire transportation system: For safety reasons, it is paramount that employees involved in public transportation not be under the influence of drugs.

Drug testing business plan

Investment ideas Starting a Drug Testing Center — Sample Business Plan Template Do you have skill and experience in the medical industry and you want to become an entrepreneur? Are you interested in starting a drug testing center?

drug testing business plan

Do you need a sample drug testing center business plan template? If YES, then I advice you read on. Drug testing services are now increasing in demand as more and more companies are adopting policies that seek to reduce absence and theft rates by mandating periodic testing of employees.

In addition, many private and public organizations ensure that new employees pass through a drug test for safety purposes. If you have adequate knowledge of laboratory test procedures as well as the required funding, you can make money by starting a government-approved drug testing center.

So I advice you read the steps below to find out how to start one.

Starting a Mobile Drug & Alcohol Testing Business

Write your business plan Starting a business requires adequate planning, and a drug-testing center is no exception. So you should figure out the areas that you are interested in serving as well as the type of testing you will provide.

Also, you must figure out what assets and personnel you need to provide those services and run your business effectively and efficiently. You need to figure out your target market. You can cater to companies, homes, schools, sporting organizations, or a combination of two or more.

While companies use drug testing services to check their employees, families use these services to check their children, and schools and sports organizations usually test their athletes for performance-enhancing drugs.

Another factor to consider is how you will reach your clients. Will you bring your drug testing service to your clients, or will they come to you? Many clients love the convenience of having the drug testing service brought over to them, and you may want to adopt this method because it can save the costs of office and laboratory.

But you will have to send samples to a reputable laboratory for testing. The other option—that is, having your clients come to you; offers credibility as a company, but requires higher startup costs to cover for office location and laboratory. Such equipment produce results that are more accurate.

Your business plan should also indicate the list of drugs you will be testing for, as well as the equipment and supplies required for testing for each drug. Your required startup and running costs, projected income, marketing strategies, and unique selling points are other important information that should go into your business plan.

Fulfill legal requirements It is important that you contact your local health authority and other appropriate agencies to find out what licenses and other requirements you need in order to open a drug testing center.A clearly written business plan is the industry standard and the first step in starting a drug testing & screening service business.

Its not just important for business owners but it is something potential lenders such as banks, investors, and other partners want to see. Add in the court-ordered testing for drug and alcohol offenses, and it’s clear that the drug testing business is a growth industry.

Learning How To Start A Drug Testing Service The basic operation when learning how to start a drug testing service is fairly simple. Jan 08,  · "You don't just wake up one morning and say, 'I think I want to open a drug-testing clinic,'" Kelly Dobbins joked recently at Mid-South Drug Testing, a business she opened in Have you always wanted to start your own drug testing business?If so, the drug testing is a big business in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

According to the Insurance Journal, “following years of declines, the percentage of employees in the combined U.S.


workforce testing positive for drugs has steadily increased over the last 5/5(68). Writing a Business Plan for your Drug & Alcohol Testing Business The creation of a business plan is essential to obtaining financing and gives the business direction.

The business plan is an excellent way to communicate to bankers, partners, suppliers, and other business people. urine drug testing Cordant Health Solutions™ processes thousands of urine samples a day for private-practice physicians, treatment agencies, drug courts, correctional facilities, businesses requiring pre-employment drug screens, professional health programs, clinical labs, hospital-based labs, and more.

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