Examples of conflicts in the workplace

Common Conflicts During Project Management By Exforsys on September 7, Conflict Management According to a theoretical supposition in behavioral research, when we work together with others, we do so unselfishly in order to achieve a common objective. This assumption can be best applied to project management and in organizations. Unfortunately, this is not how the people and organizations do it in reality. Instead, certain conditions and workplace issues are encountered.

Examples of conflicts in the workplace

While a company owner can strive to make a working environment as ideal as possible, there are still many examples of challenges at the workplace that may affect their employees. By being aware of these challenges, company owners can set up policies to handle different issues as they occur.

Employee Interaction Whenever you have different personalities working together under the same roof, there is bound to be friction from time to time. Teams working under deadline and under pressure may be more apt to have flare-ups of tempers and other issues. While in theory it is possible for everyone to get along, it rarely happens.

Introducing training to help employees learn how to manage work stress and get along with other people can be very beneficial in handling this challenge. Handling Customers Customers bring another level of challenge into the mix.

While the vast majority of customers and clients that you deal with on a daily basis will be polite and understanding, there is generally an element that is belligerent and hard to handle.

This can create frustration among employees as well as managers and company owners. While the idea that the customer is always right is an important credo to follow, it is also necessary to train employees and managers in handling difficult customers and clients.

Motivation and Productivity Workforce motivation directly impacts the productivity of a company. If employees are lacking in motivation, chances are they are not doing their jobs effectively and, as such, the company is suffering.

It is important to find ways to motivate your employees and this can be a challenge simply because everyone has different motivating factors. What works for one employee may not work for another.

Examples of conflicts in the workplace

In order to surmount this challenge, managers and company owners need to find several different motivators that appeal to a wide variety of employees -- such as monetary rewards, paid time off or even free food rewards.

Regular Communication Talking through issues in the workplace with employees is imperative if you want to foster an open environment at work. When changes are coming, whether they be the implementation of new technology or declining sales, discussing what is happening and potential impacts on the workplace keeps speculation down and morale up.

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Proactive communication policies also extend to creating resource documents for common problems and setting up a formalized review process with verbal and written feedback for workers.

Consistent communication will make your workers feel more invested in their jobs and help everyone understand the larger vision behind your business. References 2 Training Journal: A Failure to Communicate About the Author Kate McFarlin is a licensed insurance agent with extensive experience in covering topics related to marketing, small business, personal finance and home improvement.3 Common Workplace Conflicts – Scenarios & Resolutions.

by Ryan January 18, We’ve highlighted three examples of workplace conflict scenarios and conflict management techniques. 1 | Leadership Conflict. John has been the sales manager for over a year. His sales reports show an increase in sales and he seems to know how to motivate. SECTION RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION OVERVIEW.

This Section of the Compliance Manual focuses on religious discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of (Title VII). Title VII protects workers from employment discrimination based on their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or protected activity.

External and internal forces create conflict for employees within the workplace.

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With a struggling economy and ever increasing prices for gas, food, utilities, and other commodities, these external stresses place conflict on employees' home lives. Common Workplace Conflict Scenarios & Resolution Strategies for Management.

Dealing with workplace conflicts? Frustrated with the lack of resolution? Feb 22,  · So, what creates conflict in the workplace? Opposing positions, competitive tensions, power struggles, ego, pride, jealousy, performance discrepancies, compensation issues, .

Peer Power "Peer Power is my pocket coach. Useful, insightful, andimmediately applicable, the book is a life saver in buildingbusiness relationships and resolving conflicts." —Pamela J. Schmidt, executive director, ISA –The Association of Learning Providers "Peer Power is a great resource, full of practicalsuggestions for employees, managers and leaders.

Work Stress and Workplace Conflict: Dealing With A Difficult Job Environment