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You have asked me, Lucilius, why, if a Providence rules the world, it still happens that many evils befall good men. This would be more fittingly answered in a coherent work designed to prove that a Providence does preside over the universe, and that God concerns himself with us. But since it is your wish that a part be severed from the whole, and that I refute a single objection while the main question is left untouched, I shall do so; the task is not difficult, - I shall be pleading the cause of the gods. Even the phenomena which seem irregular and undetermined - I mean showers and clouds, the stroke of crashing thunderbolts and the fires that belch from the riven peaks of mountains, tremors of the quaking ground, and the other disturbances which the turbulent element in nature sets in motion about the earth, these, no matter how suddenly they occur, do not happen without a reason; nay, they also are the result of special eauses, and so, in like manner, are those things which seem miraculous by reason of the incongruous situations in which they are beheld, such as warm waters in the midst of the sea- waves,and the expanses of new islands that spring up in the wide ocean.

Fame essays

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Wealth Fame Essay Sample Wealth and fame are two qualities that are often hard to differentiate; yet they are very often intertwined. Therefore, we ask ourselves this: Both elements are desired by almost all humanity.

Fame and wealth differ and are similar in many ways. People that are well known for what they did are famous. People that have an extraordinary sum of money are referred to as rich or wealthy, depending on the extent of their wealth.

Fame essays

Riches can lead to fame and also vice versa. The major difference between fame and wealth are that you can be rich without being famous, and also you can be famous without being rich.

Both are splendid features to own because they instill a sense of power and voice to be heard in the world. Money can be used in endless ways and to solve all problems except health wise.

This clearly portrays the level of difficulty of how big money is usually earned. Where on the other hand, fame could be gained easily by doing something stupid and posting it on a social media. This shows that wealth is what everyone desires and how challenging it is to own.

A wealthy person may lose his wealth by one way or another any day. But fame will not be lost so quickly. If a man is careful he cannot only maintain his fame but can also enhance it. Some famous men do get wealth but they maintain their fame even when they are lose wealth.

A wealthy man is respected in his own circle. While a famous man is respected wherever he is known. A person who is independently wealthy has freedom, the freedom to move, to learn, to grow, to change the world in great and small ways.

Wealth allows a person to indulge his or her passion in ways the famous and powerful cannot do. Wealth does not create instant fame. Indeed most wealthy people are anonymous, unknown to the general public.Oct 29,  · What is fame essay length. First draft essay writing of novel essay travel and holiday upsra essay introduction about crime environment beast essay persuasive to be a celebrity essay meaningful essay about universe mother essay about job recycling paper essay the education elephant man format in research paper guide.

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In a sense fame is the reward of some great work, which benefits society. Wealth can be viewed in many different ways. Some may view it as a contentment and knowledge.

Andy Warhol once said: In the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame. Well, in my opinion, that time has come.

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People from all around the world are trying to get their way out there on the stage. It has become easy to acquire fame, but difficult to keep it.

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