Lost in the desert

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Lost in the desert

I finally had a theory for what happened that appeared to explain all the known facts. I wrote it up and quickly sent it out to those people I had been corresponding with on this project.

I generally received back supportive, if wary feedback. I set about studying this southerly alluvial fan intently and looking for some way to explore it. As mentioned, the area was about 1. The topo maps showed three canyons running southerly from Anvil Canyon up to this area, I arbitrarily labeled them N1, N2 and N3 on the map shown with the easterly most canyon being the largest and easiest to traverse.

The westerly most canyon passed near Squaw Spring. For anyone desiring to continue south beyond this upper area, there were only three feasible routes, labeled S1 through S3 on the attached map.

Two of them consisted of washes, a large one at the southeast corner and a smaller one at the southwest corner. In between these there was a saddle in the hills that joined into a middle wash running southward.

Mahood As I was wrestling with this problem, I managed to track down the email address of the individual who allegedly found the German canteens. Having studied the maps, it was fairly obvious to me how he could have easily ridden a motorcycle through that area.

Lost in the desert

I was anxious to contact him and see if he could provide any details about the area or what he saw. It was clear that exploring the upper alluvial fan was going to be a problem due to lack of water.

The only reliable source of water in the field was Squaw Spring, and that was two miles north of the area. Charlie Callagan of DVNP had suggested Squaw Spring as a possible source of water to carry up to the upper area and cache for expeditions. The pace of my planning was accelerating.

On October 31st I sent out an email to a number of individuals proposing an expedition in the near future to this upper alluvial fan by way of Squaw Spring. The idea was to take on water at the spring and carry it up to the search area, making camp for two nights.

Unfortunately, most were busy or it sounded too stupid for them!

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So early on the morning of November 11th,I picked up Les in Riverside and we blasted out to the wilds of Death Valley. He set it up to periodically report our location to overhead satellites, which would relay the points to a web page showing Google Maps.

People whom we invited, family members, RMRU team members, etc would be able to observe our location in near real time on that web page as the trip progressed.

Not that that ever happens…. After passing through the gloriousness that is Baker yet again, and feasting on minimart goodness, Les and I made it to the trailhead and started down Anvil Canyon about Les wanted to see both the van and bottle location, both of which we reached surprisingly quickly.

From the bottle bush we turned south and headed almost straight for Squaw Spring. This turned out to be a pretty hard climb, or maybe it was that our packs were full. Either way it sucked, but it was about to suck even more. This was somewhat of an abort situation for us.

If we were unable to find extra water at Squaw Spring, we had just enough with us to proceed to our planned camp site high on a corner of the upper alluvial fan, spend the night and return out immediately the next morning.

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So water, at this point, was rather important if we were to do any real searching.Lost Desert is an Insane Map made by pfmlures.com has 7 Buttons.. Design Lost Desert takes place in a desert as is suggested by its name, it is filled with Cacti, Pillars and lots of sand.

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Nov 06,  · Filmed in the most dangerous wastelands, the Kalahari Desert, "Lost in the Desert" is a story of suspense, conflict and incredible human courage as an 8-year-old boy and his dog are left to face this vast wasteland alone after an airplane crash, while an army of men and machines penetrate the desert searching for them.

Lost in the desert

/10(). Assuming that Mark lost around 4 liters of water.

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Glucose is a simple sugar that provides energy to the body. because his body is already losing fluid via sweat so by decreasing his urinary volume his body was saving water and attempting to remain hydrated.1/5(1).

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