Managing people and organization coloplast

Christine Khalifah Senior Consultant Christine brings unique experience and expertise in voice, body language and performance from her interdisciplinary background as both a professional actor and a communications coach to her work in leadership training.

Managing people and organization coloplast

Christine Khalifah Senior Consultant Christine brings unique experience and expertise in voice, body language and performance from her interdisciplinary background as both a professional actor and a communications coach to her work in leadership training.

In her coaching work over the last five years, she has worked with everyone from doctors at the top medical school in Canada looking to improve their empathic communication skills in high stress environments to sales reps striving to increase the impact of their unspoken body language in the sales process and a board of directors looking to build stronger collaboration.

The company brings together artists from a range of disciplines and cultures to collaboratively develop theatre pieces from conception to full production, through improvisation, creation workshops and ideation exercises. Christine works in both French and English.

Csaba Toth Associate consultant Csaba is a trainer and consultant helping organizations leverage personal and cultural differences so their employees and customers do not feel mistreated, frustrated, disengaged and choose the competition.

Csaba has over 15 years of academic, professional and personal experience in overcoming multicultural challenges which makes his approach practical, relevant and efficient.

The model helps people understand and connect with others who have a different cultural background such as their generation, gender, profession, nationality and personality type.

Andrew Prior Associate consultant Andrew is a facilitator, coach and trainer focussing on leadership, team and organisational impact. He develops innovative programs with the goal of helping organisations transform their cultures and systems in order to create outstanding results, synergistic relationships and fulfilment through working and learning together.

Andrew is also visiting professor at Eurecom research institute, where he facilitates learning processes in the area of business, personal development and team leadership.

Managing people and organization coloplast

He collaborates with a wide range of clients from different sectors like engineering, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, telecommunications, education and Government. Andrew facilitates, coaches and trains leaders and teams to improve collaboration and performance within and across organisations.

He has 25 years experience with global organisations as a leader and facilitator of cultural and structural change. He delivers leadership trainings and workshops all over Europe in English and French. After graduating with an engineering degree in Edinburgh, he was awarded an MBA in innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship in France.

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Andrew has additional training in process consulting, facilitation, coaching, creative problem solving, teams, conflict management, emotional intelligence, value systems and cultural change. Before becoming an independent facilitator coach and trainer in he held several leadership roles in engineering, marketing and programme management for large global corporations in the telecoms industry.

His approach incorporates important values such as collaboration, inner harmony, creativity and accountability that inspire change in leaders, teams and organisations.

Andrew is known for his ideas, enthusiasm and open minded thinking combined with a large toolbox of methods that proves invaluable in getting results. He can also adapt and realign what he already knows in a new way to create value for the client. Beth Shapiro Associate consultant Beth Shapiro specializes in working with leaders, teams, and entire organizations to build engagement, improve performance, resolve conflict, and create sustainable change.

Her work focuses on building the capacity to execute on business strategy and mission. She has provided coaching and training in a variety of settings including Federal and state government, higher education, nonprofits, and a number of private sector industries.Some ostomates don’t mind liquid or loose output, like my IBD blogger friend and ostomate, Marisa from the blog JournalingIBD (a.k.a Keeping Things Inside is Bad for My Health).

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Managing people and organization coloplast

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