Master thesis report epfl moodle

Will it be the project route, or the thesis route?

Master thesis report epfl moodle

This trend was a source of motivation for our teaching staff who have initiated a project called Exomatic for the enhancement of the basic course in geomatics attended by students from the civil and environmental sections. The basic concept of Exomatic is a collection of on-line exercises with dynamic graphical figures and smart calculus tools linked together.

This platform allows a fully automated correction and evaluation process of the exercises, is appreciated by the teachers thus can save precious time. Exomatic is mainly based on the interconnection of different resources gathered in a common web interface in order to simplify the tasks for the creation of exercise datasets and for the calculus provided by the students.

Course: Fundamentals of Traffic Operations and Control

The dynamic mathematics software Geogebra is efficient for the graphical representation of geometrical features e. The program use the different open source materials, which can be integrated in other geomatic courses e.

Exomatic has demonstrated the effectiveness of online dynamics resources in teaching the basic geomatic course.Report/slides for my Master's thesis project at EPFL - olafurpg/thesis.

The College of Humanities is a place of convergence of human and social sciences (SHS). Since it was created in , it has addressed the question of developing the intellectual, reflexive and pragmatic skills linked to the SHS area hand in hand with the high level EPFL studies.

Francesco Pizzi, Stochastic Collocation and Option Pricing, Master thesis, Politecnico di Milano, Marco Pischedda, Mesh morphing techniques based on continuum deformation models, Master thesis, Politecnico di Milano, Spring Uche Mennel, Multi-level micro-Finite Element Analysis for Human Bone Structures, Master thesis, ETH, Spring Phd, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) PhD thesis title: Phase gradient estimation techniques in fringe analysis PhD thesis supervisor: Prof.

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Pramod Rastogi;, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur; B.E., Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University. Master Thesis Guidelines. Pursuing the thesis option will require you to perform research and make a novel contribution to the field of interest.

Although there are only 6 credits associated with this, it requires a substantial amount of work and dedication to complete a MS thesis.

Masters thesis template (Word ) (docx kB) You can find various pointers on how to do this but it never worked well for me and it was too much trouble.

master thesis report epfl moodle

Fortunately I found a simpler solution. Rather than get Lyx to use the document class I wrote the document using the standard report class.

Moodle in English: New Module: Thesis Completion Tool