Qualities of sportsmen

Its organizational objectives are achieved by means of stringent breeding regulations, practical field tests, and high standards of conduct.

Qualities of sportsmen

July 9, Getty Images If LeBron James' ESPN special left you feeling down about the state of Qualities of sportsmen, perhaps these stories will remind you why you started watching athletics in the first place. Here are 10 acts widely considered to be examples of good sportsmanship.

Feel free to add your own and debate the merits of each of these in the comments.


American Jesse Owens fouled on his first two attempts and faced disqualification if he fouled again. Before Owens made his final attempt, Long, a German, advised him to adjust his take-off point—to several inches behind the foul line—to ensure that he would advance to the next round. Owens heeded Long's advice, qualified for the finals, and set a new world record to win the gold medal.

Long took the silver. John Landy Getty Images Australian John Landy made history when he became the second man to break 4 minutes in the mile, 46 days after Roger Bannister became the first in Landy is revered in Australia, where he served as the 26th Governor of Victoria, in part because of the mile race he ran at the Australian national championships.

During the third lap, year-old Ron Clarke, who would go on to set 17 world records during his career, tripped and fell. Landy, who was trailing close behind, leapt over Clarke and accidentally scraped his rival's arm with his spikes in the process.

Landy stopped running to make sure that Clarke wasn't badly hurt before resuming his chase of the pack that had charged ahead. To the amazement of everyone in the crowd, Landy came from behind to finish first in a time of 4 minutes, 4 seconds. Fifty years after the fact, Landy reflected on the astonishing race.

You don't ask why. It's titled, simply, "Sportsmanship. Jimmy Connors Getty Images There wasn't much love lost between Jimmy Connors and John Newcombe throughout their careers, but there was at least one time when the tennis foes played nice. During the third set of the Australian Open final, Connors was the beneficiary of three consecutive controversial calls.

LeadingConnors intentionally double-faulted, drawing a round of applause from the pro-Newcombe crowd.

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After Connors faulted on his first serve of the next point and lobbed the ball in the air for his second serve, a fan shouted "double fault.

He lost the game, the set, and ultimately the match. There are at least two accounts of how Newcombe responded to the gesture. According to one report, Newcombe applauded his rival's act, saying, "Today, Jimmy Connors proved to me that a champion has to know how to win—and how to lose. Nicklaus, who was playing in his first Ryder Cup, sank his four-foot par putt, and before Jacklin could address his two-foot par putt to tie, reached down and picked up his opponent's ball marker.In his opinion (and I agree wholeheartedly), at the bare minimum there are three qualities that every athlete needs in order to strip away the interference.

These factors are so significant, in fact, that I would go as far as saying that without them. There are a great number of talented athletes that will spend their entire career wondering why they do not get to the top (elite) level as they desire.

Qualities of sportsmen

Sportsmen Club Quieted. We are more than pleased with the sound absorbing qualities of the fence!

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Even our neighbors of the gun club agree, that the perceived noise outside the club is noticeably reduced. we all know that sports play an important role in our life. but to become a true sportsman one should possess the quality of head an heart. one of the most important quality of a sportsman is.

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