See the world better with camereye a product of ayaka

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See the world better with camereye a product of ayaka

All cameras shine the most in direct sunlight, with only minute differences in the details. In the first image, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 picked up great detail all across the frame, from the flowers in the front to the building in the back.

Colors were well saturated, showcasing lively green plants, colorful flowers, and a great sky. While these pictures are still great, they lose plenty of detail in the dark.

We can especially notice this phenomenon in the last image. Overall, all images are very well exposed, crisp, colorful, and nothing negative really stands out enough to make a bad impression.

The trick is not saturating so much that it makes color look unnatural, something many phones struggle with. Finding the right balance is not simple, but we feel Samsung got pretty close to it with the Galaxy Note 9 — at least closer than before. The only image we felt was over-saturated was the fourth flowers.

See the world better with camereye a product of ayaka

This usually means boosting contrast and saturation, among other things. All other shots do pretty well keeping the look natural while making colors more extravagant. Either that or it was thrown off by all the other colors.

Regardless, it messed up somewhere, which needs to be noted. There was also plenty of over-softening in this image, which loses detail once you zoom in. As seen in the daylight photos, dynamic range is still not the best, even with HDR on auto.

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The building in the back of the second image loses plenty of detail in the dark, as does the shaded area in the third shot. Either way, colors sure look great overall, thanks to the great hardware and plenty of software help. However, these enhancements do take a toll on other departments.

Blues, greens, and reds are boosted to make those colors pop — but overall color error is low. Data gathered using Imatest. The upside here is that you can alter these images pretty heavily if you enable the RAW capture in the camera settings, and having a camera module that is as accurate as possible helps avoid headaches later on.

While most camera modules do well in ideal conditions, the Note 9 is neck-and-neck with the Google Pixel 2 XL — widely regarded as one of the best units out there. However, the Pixel tends to oversaturate images to a higher degree than the Note 9.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does a great job at handling noise, though in low light it does what all smartphone cameras do: Noise is not a big worry for the Note 9. Noise Percent Data gathered using Imatest. Detail From the texture to the little groves in material, pixel peepers want to see it all.

I have found Samsung is usually pretty average at this, mostly because they focus so much on software enhancements. Photos from its phones are typically colorful, well-exposed, and very often have no noticeable noise. However, this level of post-processing is bound to also bring some noticeable flaws.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is no exception. There are remnants of what seems like plenty of detail, which means the sensor is probably capable of capturing it if the original shots were left alone. The images do give you a grasp of texture and crispness, but only from afar.

Zoom in and all those color mixtures lose their feel. As mentioned above though, these pictures still give off the impression of detail when seen without a looking glass. Sharpness not adjusted Higher is Better Data gathered using Imatest.

Essentially, it detects areas that should be the edges of objects in the photo, and increases contrast for a few pixels. Oversharpening Lower is Better Data gathered using Imatest.

Landscape A good landscape shot can capture both the big picture and the small details. It needs to be balanced, because capturing a large area usually means having a plethora of factors to consider.See the World Better with Camereye, a Product of Ayaka. words. 3 pages.

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See the world better with camereye a product of ayaka

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