Stan musial and albert pujols essay

Had a great time over there except for the loss of a beloved, custom-made jacket and the trickle of surreal baseball news coming to me one paragraph per day in the International Herald Tribune.

Stan musial and albert pujols essay

Awesome had to say about her column, and some readers reacted as if Klein had been infected with a kind of political rabies. One can only imagine their reaction had they read our piece here.

Probably something on the order of setting fire to this portion of the internet to prevent the contagion from spreading. We're not insensitive or insensible to such criticism. Admittedly, sometimes snide jabs here veer wide of the mark or hit it with a viciousness that's perhaps inappropriate.

For some time now, I've regretted saying that, "Glenn Beck is such a glutinous wad of overfed white Americana that he looks like pounds of lard and bull semen poured into a 5-foot 8-inch man-shaped condom. I should have said "tapeworm.

The targets of that acidity willfully fabricate evidence, often in service of ideas that can bring direct harm to people. Awesome flayed McArdle's columnbut the column itself was like watching Harry Lime in The Third Man explaining his indifference to the specks of humanity on the ground, then interrupting his impious sermonizing to shout through a megaphone at them that his defrauding them and their being prey to indifferent death is to their benefit.

Whatever I may say about Glenn Beck cannot elide that the man has stood in front of The Alamo and fetishized it as a symbol of armed insurrection, lionized a man who shot minorities in the back and killed them, then turned to his audience with a wink and a smirk that looks like it was carved out of a bucket of Country Crock, as if to say, "I'm just thinking out loud!

I'm not advocating anything. By the way, the President is a Fascist because he is a Communistlike Hitler. You know what to do, gang! To give you an example of how thorough and pervasive this is, how arrogantly false it is, how almost proudly full of crap the sort of people we occasionally assail are, take baseball.

I wrote up an extensive live-blog of the telecastincluding Obama's first pitch, and you can get a fair idea of how shabby much of the coverage was. But to give you a fair idea of how much delight these people take in just wildly distorting things, let's look at how the National Review's Andrew McCarthy — not the actor, the conservative attorney who bends over backwards to defend torture and print Birther material — described Obama's pitchand break down his article FireJoeMorgan -style.

Stan musial and albert pujols essay

Though it's not a widely appreciated fact, we right-winger sports nuts have long known that the sports press is among the media's leftiest precincts.

Here he just makes shit up right out of the gate. No citation, not even token handwaving. I'm sure the political orientation of some sportswriters matters to Andrew McCarthy, but nobody else in America knows where most sportswriters fall along the political spectrum because nobody fucking cares.

You pictured George Will, didn't you? Not only someone who isn't a sportswriter but someone whose writing about sports manages to suck all the joy out of them. The only thing remotely interesting about Will's baseball writing is placing his exaltation of the virtues of the sacrifice bunt "for the good of the whole team" against his describing tax hikes on the rich as bizarre and incomprehensible — then laughing and laughing and laughing.

A pitcher might hurl the ball lefty, but there's no liberal way to throw a baseball, and because of that, the word doesn't get mentioned. Even if the sporting press were somehow all liberal, it never comes out, despite ballplayers being overwhelmingly conservative.Hank Aaron Stats.

Hank Aaron was born on Monday, February 5, , in Mobile, Alabama. Aaron was 20 years old when he broke into the big leagues on April 13, , with the Milwaukee Braves. Trout tied the record of four second-place finishes shared by Stan Musial, Ted Williams and Albert Pujols.

Trout won in and ; was finished second in ’12, ’13 and ’15; and was fourth in Hall of Famers Among Us. By Bill James. November 28, Albert Pujols has been in the majors for seven years.

Berkman is not really similar to Stan Musial and Ryne Sandberg. Let’s trim the list to players who had averages at that time between and Oil Droppings will remain "up" but inactive for the foreseeable future. (and this photo essay) of Musial and Pujols, taken on Opening Day The Man is a frail 88, but still has a ready smile and, it would appear, the utmost respect of those who follow his path.

and Albert Pujols as he did Stan Musial, Red Schoendienst and Enos. Bush is the most troubling of the potential keepers. excited for Albert Pujols' debut with the Angels. I like how Albert wants to avoid the "El Hombre" moniker out of respect for Stan Musial.

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