The history of the social welfare sociology essay

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The history of the social welfare sociology essay

The social wars Essay: The Social Reform can be considered the most effective part of the Progressive Era due to the fact that without it women may, in fact, have never gained their own rights to vote or to have a voice in politics. The Progressive Era had one goal, and that was to find solutions to social, economic and political problems in America, but one area in need of reform that was mostly overlooked by white Progressives was the rights of African-Americans.

At the beginning of the Progressive Era, African-Americans were faced with brutal racism in the form of segregation in public spaces, lynchings, blocking out from the political process, no access to healthcare, education or housing. Washington bravely emerged as a leading spokesman for the voice of African Americans in the s, and inhe gave a speech at the Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition talking about not antagonizing race relations between blacks and whites and he encouraged blacks not to make the situation any worse than it already was at the time, but instead to focus on opportunities they had at the time.

Ferguson decision and in doing so, the court condemned blacks to more than another half century of second-class citizenship, however, despite the ruling, African-American leaders of the civil rights movement continued to press for equal rights.

On a national level, progressivism gained a strong voice in the White House when Theodore Roosevelt became president in and though he is best known for his political feats while in office, TR did his best to stay involved with the social welfare of his people and, being president during the Progressive Era, had many chances to voice his opinion on his nations conflicts.

Though he usually tried to do everything in his power to bring every Americans interest Teddy Roosevelts view on civil rights for African-Americans was that they were an inferior race and should continue to be treated as so.

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Even though Ted believed whites were the superior race, he never, as a fact, cut down blacks and thought that instead of treating African-Americans negatively, whites should work towards giving them a possible voice in politics or perhaps allow them to have higher up roles in businesses.

Though TR did not actually end racial problems between blacks and whites, he and his administration remained rather neutral towards the situation while he was in office, and believed that though whites should continue to be the dominant race, the future could possibly hold a positive solution that would benefit both races.

Teddy Roosevelt may have been the voice in politics women needed during the Progressive Era due to the fact that he was a huge feminist and believed that women should be treated equal to men.

After this major point in the movement, hundreds of thousands of women around the nation joined the cause. All around America protests were held and speeches were made. Many women were thrown in jail for up to six months due to charges of loitering and obstruction of sidewalk traffic.

But they would not give up their fight for rights and only became louder and louder with each arrest. The picketers remained there permanently, on numerous occasions being warned and threatened by police until the point of arrest.

In the American Senate passed the Nineteenth Amendment and the ratification process began.

The history of the social welfare sociology essay

Inratification ended with over three quarters of the state legislatures choosing to ratify the Amendment. Finally, after 80 years of being ignored and turned down by the country, American women gained their rights on August 26, and to this very day, have continued to be treated as equals to men.

An often unknown fact is that it did the exact opposite. On a positive note, African Americans were finally starting to speak up against their white counterparts, and they were one step closer to their long awaited freedom. Though an often forgotten or overlooked time in American history, the Progressive Era shaped the US modern government, and was a huge step towards social peace amongst the nation.

This brief period of our history put an end to century long problems and, next to the American Revolution, can be considered one of the first times American people stood up for what they believe in, even though they were going up against higher powers.

Even after his presidency, which was a long one due to his outstanding job while in office, Teddy continued to support the movements he had supported when he was president, even though he no longer had the power nor the resources a commander in chief possessed.

Alongside him were hundreds of thousands of American men and women who were doing the same thing. Time after time common citizens of the US were giving speeches and standing up for what they believe in.

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Social Welfare Essay A social welfare policy is any policy that improves the welfare of citizens. As a result, a range of programs affecting the health, education, housing, employment, civil rights, and economic conditions of citizens can qualify as a social welfare policy.

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