The role of social pressure on academic performance of freshmen

Print Pundits have long pointed to the power of peer pressure when seeking to explain why people—particularly young people—make bad or otherwise questionable decisions. A pair of researchers set out to answer those questions last school year by visiting four low-performing, low-income, predominantly Hispanic high schools in Los Angeles and offering 11th-graders the chance to take a commercially available online SAT prep course for free. The students were given forms that were identical in all but one respect—some of the forms indicated that their decision to sign up would be kept private from everyone except the other students in the room, while other forms stated that their decision would be kept private from everyone, including the students in the room.

The role of social pressure on academic performance of freshmen

Research suggests that this discrepancy between college students and their non-college peers is largely due to the college environment Johnston et al. In addition, the freshman population is particularly reliant on peer groups because they are new to the college environment and are attempting to adapt to the college lifestyle.

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Peers act as an influential model by introducing, providing, or pressuring risky activities i. However, what college students fail to take into consideration are the negative consequences that are related to alcohol use, especially within a peer group context.

For example, the leading cause of death for adolescents 17 to 20 years old is alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes US Department of Health and Human Services, In addition, aboutcollege students between the ages of 18 and 24 have unprotected sex due to drinking.

More than one forth of those students report being too intoxicated to know if they even consented to have sex US Department of Health and Human Services, Therefore, it is imperative to understand peer pressure, as well as which groups of college students are more susceptible to it, in order to decrease these negative consequences from occurring.

In a college environment, it is essential for students to be associated with the in-group in order to be socially accepted.

The role of social pressure on academic performance of freshmen

Out-groups, such as freshmen college students and non-drinkers, may lack the social support needed during this transitional period because they are not fitting in with the majority of their peers.

More specifically, non-drinkers would be considered an out-group because they are not participating in the normative behavior of alcohol use. This experience of feeling like an out-group is prevalent in freshmen college students as well. Furthermore, vulnerable college groups e.

Research disentangles peer pressure into three dimensions: Active offers of alcohol may be the most obvious and direct form of peer pressure. Explicit offers are more prominent for those students who attend parties and decide not to drink.

This is because these students are seen as abnormal i. The second and third dimensions of peer pressure are less obvious because students are influenced indirectly. College students will often imitate the level of drinking of the peer within their immediate environment that is drinking the heaviest and is the most sociable.

Sociology/ Effects Of Social Pressure On Academic Performance. term paper

Borsari and Carey reviewed the literature on this topic and found that college students who were exposed to heavy-drinking models consumed more than college students exposed to light-drinking models or no models at all.

These findings suggest that freshmen students are highly susceptible to modeling and are at the highest risk for the negative consequences of alcohol use. However, those students involved in the Greek lifestyle i. Greek parties are often associated with heavy and pervasive drinking.

The college students that attend Greek parties observe their peers drinking heavily, which influences heavier drinking in the individual i.

Therefore, students who attend Greek parties view their drinking levels as less than their heavy-drinking Greek peers, yet their levels are actually a lot higher. In addition, the interventions developed for perceived drinking norms are very sufficient and cost effective.

The interventions often involve making college students aware of the actual rate at which college students consume alcohol compared to their own level of consumption.

These advertisements often include statistics about the number of drinks a typical student at a specific university consumes per week Neighbors et al. According to a review by Neighbors et al. The results show that there were no decreases in alcohol consumption after SNMA was implemented.

The freshman college students who were exposed to SNMA reported a 22 percent reduction in alcohol consumption over a 6 year period, as well as were associated with fewer negative consequences.De La Salle Araneta University [email protected] Abstract: This paper aims to explore the following; (a) the academic performance of the students in Sociology; (b) the assessed social skills of the students as to cooperation, assertiveness, empathy and self-control; (c) and if there is a significant relationship between social skills and academic .

Peer relationships are consistently linked to alcohol use in college students. However, this disparate literature often reveals contradictory findings regarding the precise mechanisms of peer influence.

In this review, we use an organisational framework based on social learning theory (SLT) to. The social identity theory may help to explain why college students are influenced by peer pressure (Regan & Morrison, ). The social identity theory suggests that a significant portion of an individual’s self-concept is formed through their peer groups, with the .

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The lead author of the study, Dr. Jennifer L. Walsh, and her team were interested in how a wide range of types of social media impact academic performance among students. They surveyed first-year college women at the start of their freshman year about their social media usage.

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