Thesis copyright uk

Aristotle was the first philosopher to define the term thesis.

Thesis copyright uk

Introduction Copyright in theses is normally held by the author, so as the author you will own the copyright in your Goldsmiths thesis, unless you Thesis copyright uk made an agreement to transfer it, for example to a sponsor. When you submit your thesis for examination, Goldsmiths will ask you, as the copyright holder, for permission to make both the paper copy and a digital copy of your thesis available, in the library and online, and will provide forms for this purpose.

This is because copyrights include the right to distribute the work. The submission form includes options to limit access if you need to do that, one reason may be if you have included copyright material.

The notes below explain more about provisions for the use of copyright material in digital theses. Using copyright material in your thesis If you have included copyright material belonging to someone else, called 3rd party copyright material, in your thesis, you will need to assess whether you need to get permission to include this material in the digital version of your thesis.

This 'fair dealing' exclusion is Thesis copyright uk likely to apply to your use of 3rd party material such as extracts from publications such as books or journals, whether text or illustrations, in an academic doctoral thesis.

Guidelines on what could reasonably be considered fair are given below. If you have included 3rd party copyright material which has not been published, for example photographs of art works in a gallery or copies of web documentation of a performance, or you are including a substantial amount or the whole of a work then you will need to seek permission from the copyright holder to include that in the copies of your thesis that you deposit in the library.

Again, this is because copyrights include the right to distribute the work. Please note that while students are being asked to make best efforts to seek permission to include third party copyright material in the electronic version of their thesis you will not be penalised if it is not possible to gain permission, either because permissions are not granted, or because it would either be too onerous or too expensive to obtain permissions.

Thesis copyright uk

The outcome of your examination will not be affected in any way. No student will be required to make any payments to copyright holders for material they wish to include in their thesis. Also note that a different 'fair dealing' exception applies to the use of copyright material for the purpose of examination.

What you may use under provisions for quotation, or fair dealing for criticim or review If the 3rd party copyright material within your thesis consists of a short quotation from a published work and you have acknowledged and referenced it adequately it will probably not be necessary to seek permission from the copyright holder.

However, the work must appear within the body of the article. Ideally you should seek permission to include 3rd party copyright material in your thesis as you go along rather than at the point of writing up your thesis.

If you intend to include material that you yourself have published, e. The easiest way to do this is by contacting the publisher directly and checking. Most publishers will permit this.

How to seek permission to include 3rd party material To seek permission to include 3rd party material within the electronic version of your thesis you need to contact the rights holder.

This may be the author of a work, a publisher, an illustrator etc. In the case of material from books and journals your first course of action should be to contact the publisher.

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Many publishers give details on their web site of how to seek permission and who to contact. If the publisher does not hold the rights to the work they should forward your enquiry to whoever does. If the rights holder does not reply immediately you may choose to contact them again.

However, note that you may not deem a lack of response as permission to go ahead. What to do if permission is granted If a copyright holder indicates that permission has been granted you should indicate this at the appropriate point in your thesis, e. You should keep a copy of any letters or e-mails you received from rights holders.


What to do if permission is not granted If you need to include 3rd party copyright material in your thesis and are unable to obtain permission or are asked to pay to do this you will not be able to make the full version of the thesis publicly available online.

You need to select the option on the Thesis Access Declaration form to restrict access to the electronic version of your thesis because of copyright restrictions. However, you are still required to deposit an electronic copy of your thesis which will be held securely.

When you come to deposit your thesis you have two options: Deposit two copies - one the full version with all 3rd party retained, and a second edited version with this material removed.

The edited electronic version will be made publicly available - they full version will not.Doctoral School in UCL - the one of the leading research universities in the world.

A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings.

In some contexts, the word "thesis" or a cognate is used for part of a bachelor's or master's course, while "dissertation" is normally applied to a doctorate, while in other contexts, the reverse is true.

News. November Univ. of Glasgow thesis reports MRI noise causes hearing loss and reduced cochlear function in a Master of Science (Research) thesis at the University of Glasgow, Rebecca Elisabeth Venn reports that all of 36 dogs (including four cavalier King Charles spaniels) which underwent MRI scans, experienced reduced cochlear function and more than half of .

hold the copyright. If all aspects of the thesis/dissertation are approved by the Graduate College, Masters theses will then be electronically published by the First, you must check your departmental policies and thesis/ dissertation format and make sure your thesis/dissertation committee agrees.

Next, you must determine whether the journal. Narrative art in northern Europe, c A narratological re-appraisal Stuart Whatling Submitted for the degree of PhD at The Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, (March ).

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Stuart Whatling - Narrative art in northern Europe, c A narratological re-appraisal